Holden HT GTS Monaro For Sale - Only $20,000!

FINALLY, here’s an HT Monaro you can afford – and a genuine GTS, no less! There’s only one catch – this particular example takes the concept of ‘patina’ to extremes.

Unfortunately twenty grand doesn’t buy you much of an HT Monaro these days, and this one is going to require some serious hard yakka to restore, with every panel heavily afflicted with bastard tin-worm.

Rusty HT Holden MonaroBy the owner’s own admission it needs new guards, bonnet, bootlid, sills and floorpans, and the doors don’t look particularly flash to us, either.

What it does have going for it is a full complement of tags, the original purchase receipt, and the oh-so-cool factory paint and trim combo of Verodo Green and Buckskin beige.

Holden HT Monaro GTSThe seller states that it’s a genuine 186S GTS, but the factory-fitted engine is long gone. By the time the lucky new owner picks the car up, the interior, dash, trims, seats, glass and moulds will be gone, too – it’s only what remains of the bare shell being offered for sale.

That being said, even rusty first-generation Monaros are difficult to come by, and we’ve seen worse cars restored. After all, it’s only time and money, eh?

Holden HT Monaro GTS interiorTake a look at the ad here.


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