Holden Torana A9X fetches big money at auction

A9X Torana

A JASMINE Yellow A9X Torana hatch sold for $275,000 at Shannons's Sydney Autumn Classic Auction today.

The hatch has been in storage for 30 years and has just 94,184 km on the clock. Other results include:

1964 EH Holden Premier $21,000

1962 XL Ford Falcon utility $37,000

1962 EJ Holden Premier $22,000

1967 VC Valiant V8 sedan $25,500

1972 Valiant Charger XL 265 $27,000

1969 VF Valiant Pacer sedan $39,000

HQ GTS 350 Monaro sedan $69,000

Holden HK Monaro 186 auto $86,000

1995 Mazda RX-7 SP $112,000

1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT $595,000 (under neg)

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