THE November 2017 issue of Street Machine is out now! We can barely believe we’re at the tail-end of the year already, but time flies when you’re having fun building crazy stuff like our twin-turbo LS1 MX5.7 project and getting the Turbo Taxi ready for Drag Challenge in a few weeks.

On the cover of this issue is John Saad’s stunning FAT XY Falcon. Unveiled at MotorEx earlier this year, the black-and-gold beauty combines elite-level build quality with a mammoth engine – we’re talking a towering Sonny’s Racing Engines 673ci big-block that makes 1354hp on pump fuel! You might remember John as the Summernats 29 Grand Champion with FATRX3. That Mazda RX-3 was his idea of a show car; this incredible XY is his street car!

Dale Jeffrey’s SL/R 5000 Torana may look like a period-correct resto job on the outside, but underneath it’s an entirely different beast. With a 700hp 440ci LSX donk under the bonnet, it’s got enough grunt to give even new road racers a run for their money.

In this issue we head to Alice Springs for Red CentreNATS, only this time we’re not just spectating – we built a car just for the event. If you haven’t heard, as part of our Carnage video series we built a Mazda MX-5 with an LS1 V8 and twin turbos hanging out the bonnet – and they let us cruise it on the street! You can read about this, the drags, burnouts and show cars all in the mag.

When it comes to elite-level Falcon hardtop builds, Jim Ayoubi’s XC is one of the tidiest going around. With an insanely nice custom interior, dead-smooth bodywork and a blown 408ci Cleveland up front, this thing is the bee’s knees.

Braeden Kendrick’s Brocky Blue Meanie VK Commodore replica is something a bit out of the ordinary; it’s a rally car! Braeden started out drifting on circuits with a Nissan Silvia and then made the switch over to rally driving in the 304 Holden-powered Commy!

With Holden finishing up local vehicle manufacturing this week, we’ve paid tribute with a comprehensive A-to-Z trawl through the brand’s rich history, taking in the good cars, the bad and the absolutely disgusting.

You’ll also find Stoney’s slammed turbo LS-powered Camaro, Arby’s POR440 Valiant road trip across America to Hot Rod Drag Week, a tough Valiant VIP, a Barra turbo six swap into a VS Commodore ute, plus loads more coolness!

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