The hotly anticipated Dodge Challenger Demon is set to be unveiled in New York this morning, and you can watch the whole thing live right here! We previewed the Demon a few days ago, discussing what we already know - if you missed it, basically the Challenger Demon will sit above the Hellcat as Dodge's new hero car and it's been designed with serious strip use in mind.

It features a wide-body to accommodate 315/40R 18 Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radials at all four corners, a monster air-intake grafted into the bonnet and air-intakes in the headlights. That's the body, the driveline is also massively updated and the eight-speed auto features a high-stall torque converter and a transbrake launch control system! Horsepower is also up on the standard 707hp Hellcat, though we'll find out exactly how much grunt it's making when the car is fully revealed, so watch the video. We'll also know what sort of quarter-mile times we're looking at. So sit back, enjoy the video as the Dodge Challenger Demon is revealed live in New York.  

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