Rides by Kam Nova

ROB Zahabi’s awesome Kam Nova that was on the cover of the November ’14 issue of Street Machine has been sold at the Barrett Jackson Auctions in America overnight. The black beauty made the top-20 at the Good Guys Street Machine of the Year awards last year in the U.S where Rob did quite a few miles in the car. The twin ProCharged 572-cube weapon ended up selling for US$220,000. Here’s a few other cool cars from the same auction:

Chevy Camaro KamaroRob Zahabi’s old ‘Kamaro’ - $110,000

Pro Touring Camaro Transformers1967 wide-body Camaro from the Transformers movie - $167,000

32 Ford Double Down1932 ‘Double Down’ hot rod – Jet-Hot’s US promo car - $144,000

42 Cadillac SophiaD’Agostino’s 1940 Caddy, ‘Sophia’ - $148,000

Chevrolet Camaro Ring BrothersRing Brothers ‘Grinch’ 1970 Camaro - $192,500

57 Chev Nascar1957 Chevrolet NASCAR – ‘Black Widow’ - $205,700

57 Chev Truck Quicksilver1957 Chev Truck ‘Quicksilver’ - $214,500

62 Impala Bubble Top1962 Chevrolet Impala Good Guys SMOTY finalist - $253,000

Pontiac Trans AmPontiac Trans Am Smokey and the Bandit promotional car - $550,000

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