WITH the release of Mad Max: Fury Road a month ago, everything has been going a little bit mad around here – and that includes the guys from Pedders, who have built this big-block HQ Monaro to give away.

Now before you start going crazy and firing angry emails at us explaining the difference between an HQ Monaro and an XB Falcon, you need to remember the Nightrider’s stolen Pursuit Special from the first Mad Max movie. The Nightrider comes to a messy and very spectacular end early in the original film, and sets up the ultimate revenge story that sends Max mad.

It’s an iconic car, and the guys at Pedders have decided to capture some of the essence of that wild machine in this awesome HQ Monaro giveaway car.

The Pedders Monaro may not suck nitro, but it is very toey thanks to a healthy 454ci big-block Chev. Click that B&M shifter back to first, give the loud pedal a stab, and it’ll definitely shorten the lifespan of those Falken tyres. The Boyd Coddington wheels from American Republic are a lot cooler than anything available in 1978, and the disc-brake nine-inch, along with a bunch of heavy-duty Pedders suspension gear, will ensure that the Monaro doesn’t meet a fiery end.

Inside there’s a pair of retrimmed Recaro buckets, a slew of Auto Meter gauges and a thumping Pioneer stereo. Just the thing for cruising the prohibited zones, and enough to bring out Scotty’s inner Nightrider. Do you see me, bronze? Do you see me?

If you’d like a bit of big-block Monaro muscle in your life, then check out the competition at It’s got all the nitty-gritty details about the car and it’ll cost you absolutely nothing to enter. That’s right, entry is free!

Entries close in just two weeks – 30 June – so get going and make sure you’re in with a chance to win.

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