IT’S HARD not to feel bad for this Canadian Dodge Dart owner when he loses the whole differential while showing off near Edmonton, Canada. But the laughter from the following car just seems to make it worse.

Details are hard to come by, but it appears the owner of this ’67 Dodge Dart decided to give it a little squirt, and that’s when things go tragically wrong. Nothing to do with hydraulic suspension, as claimed by Channel Nine, but we reckon there’s been a severe driveline (tailshaft probably) or suspension failure that was bad enough to shove the whole rear end straight out the back. It looks like the owner will be spending a lot of time in the garage repairing the damage.

There’s a couple of things to take away from this story. First, make sure your car is built right so stuff like this doesn’t happen. Two, showing off on the street is dangerous, the result could have been much worse. And lastly, some people are dicks, as can be heard by the full minute of laughter from the car with the dashcam, who didn’t bother to stop and see if the guy was okay. Turn your volume down for this one especially after the 30 second mark.

As for the owner of the Dodge Dart, don’t worry buddy we feel your pain. Hope you get your car rolling again soon.

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