MECUMS auctions have some of the coolest cars in the planet roll across their red carpet, but there’s an awesome piece of Australian street machining history going up for auction next week – Kevin Monk’s old Dodge Daytona.

Long-time readers might remember the car from the 80s. It was featured in SM June 1986 and was also seen in a few of the background scenes of the Aussie cult car flick Running On Empty. It also saw plenty of miles cruising Sydney in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The winged warrior was bought by Kevin Monk way back in 1973 during one of his shopping trips to the US. According to our feature, Kevin found the car while on the hunt for ’32 Ford. He brought it back to Australia, converted it to right hand drive, painted it Holden Orange and fitted a tow bar to it along with a pair of 12in wide deep-dish Ansen wheels and rubber flares. With its jacked up rear and massive rake the car was a classic piece of 80s street machining.

Kevin eventually sold the car to his son Daniel in the 90s and it underwent a full rebuild in 1998 where it was repainted Ford blue for reasons that nobody can quite understand. It was sold to US car collector John Pappas back in 2001 and now john has decided to part ways with the car. He still has another two winged cars to enjoy after this one sells.

It’ll be interesting to see how it goes at considering the non-factory paint and the steering conversion. To many Americans right hand drive is a curiosity at best, and to others it’s an outrage. But with American muscle car prices edging upwards again it might be the perfect time to sell. There’s more photos here at the link along with dozens of great American classics. If you got time to spare check them out.

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