THE Street Machine Summernats is so big it deserves its own magazine, which we’ve been doing each year since the event was launched in 1987.

It is the only place you’ll find all of the major events at Summernats covered in detail, including the race for Grand Champion, all of the top debut cars, the Horsepower Heroes dyno comp and of course, the battle for the Burnout Masters and Burnout Champion crowns.

Naturally, with 1900 cars jammed into Exhibition Park, there is a lot more to Summernats than just the headliners, which is why we seek out the wildest cult cars from the event so we can feature the stealthiest sleepers, the rustiest rats and the wackiest cruisers.

We also speak to Bliss n Eso, chat with the coolest clubs, say goodbye to Dirty Pierre and meet the new Miss Summernats.

The Summernats mag is the place where all your questions are answered. Whether it be “Why did a Datsun win Grand Champion?” or “How did that Gemini make 825hp on the dyno” or even “Why is there a Dalek bolted to that Austin?”, you’ll find the answers inside. Go get ’em! 

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