Street Machine Hot Rod 13

Street Machine Hot Rod 13 is out now! The mag has a new editor and a fresh look, but as ever, it is jam-packed with goodness. There are plenty of new builds, including Paul Mortimer’s classy ’32 roadster, Peter Fitzpatrick’s ’34 coupe and Kelly Kendall’s eye-popping Model A. Other brain food includes:

- The wild quarter-mile career of Jim Walton
- Mike Davidson's stunning twin-flathead powered streamliner
- A sweet 427 SOHC-powered dragster from New Zealand
- A chat with Cole Foster
- The art of Steve Brown
- Paint tips with Gene Winfield
- Ken Izzard and his mighty TQ Midgets
- The people of Chopped
- Phil Medlen’s Jaguar V12-powered Model A roadster
- Part one of Project Bettie four banger project
- A ’51 Mercury roof chop with Matt Townsend
- And much more! Get it by clicking here

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