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Pro-Street 351 Cleveland-Powered Ford XY Falcon - WILD THING

Looking back on Owen Webb's scorchin' XY sedan

Blown 355-cube Holden VP Commodore - TRMN8R

With punchy orange paint and a small metal mountain rising from the sheetmetal, Joe’s VP Commodore mixes old-school street muscle with a twist o...

Tucker: The Man And His Dream (1988) - Ripper Car Movies

An upbeat, inventive dreamer takes on the might of the American car industry in an attempt to build ‘the car of tomorrow

Show-Quality 1976 Ford XB Falcon Streeter - BFAT

Look closely at Steve Bellia's ultra-sanitary XB Falcon and you'll realise that practically everything is modified

HDT Aero-inspired 370ci Holden Stroker-Powered 1989 VN Commodore - FEARSM

Dumped, thumped and with trumps poking out of the bonnet – this is one helluva VN

400-cube small-block Chev-powered 1970 Holden HT Monaro GTS

George Stathopoulos creates a 400ci stealth missile from an unloved HT

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - Reader's Car Of The Week

Danielle Miller's late father used to race Mustangs, so it was almost predestined that she would one day own one

Elite-Level Blown 1967 Holden HR Ute

With a 4/71 blower bolted to the side of the straight six, this HR ute has plenty of bite

Home-built 1933 Ford Roadster

Mike Renfrey's stunning hand-crafted and home-built 1933 roadster

Awesome Muscle Car Collection Including '87 SM Giveaway Castrol FMX A9X Torana - My Shed

Andrew Beale was told to invest in super - he chose muscle cars instead

Blown 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - PH FAT

Ben Brown turns a tatty Yankie streeter into a blown, 'bagged show-stopper

Feature: Kiwi drag racing legend Pete Lodge and his fuel altereds Baloo and Hombre

Kiwi Pete Lodge and his wild '70s rides

222-cube four banger 1931 Model A Ford coupe

Dormant Model A revived after 66 years

Nick Cockinos - My Life With Cars Part Two

More of the vans and characters that shaped Nick Cockinos's journey through the panel van heyday

Nick Cockinos - My Life With Cars Part One

Old-school vanning memories of Nick Cockinos, one of the founding members of the Renegade Vanners club