WE HAVE paint! And a tough engine – the Sidchrome Mustang is really coming along.

Project Mustang part 3It was always intended that the car’s 351 Windsor was going to be a nice, tractable street donk, with engine builder Charlie Saliba aiming for 400hp. It turns out he was right on the money, and whoever wins the Mustang is going to have a fun, reliable grunter.

Project Mustang part 3With the rust repairs done, JRT Truck Refinishers did the final prep on the body and applied the PPG Nardo Gray duco. They also painstakingly painted every single piece of stainless and chrome in black – a massive job!

Project Mustang part 3Next month we’ll bring you the final episode and the completed car! And you will be able to check it out in person on the Sidchrome stand at the Sandown 500, 15-17 September.

Project Mustang part 3

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