PERSUADING the big 5.0-litre Coyote V8 to fit in the diminutive Sidchrome Cobra is giving the crew at Python Vehicles Australia a few headaches, but the end result will be well worth it!

For those who are just joining us, we are now past the halfway point in the build of Sidchrome’s Project Cobra. The car is being built by renowned Melbourne-based Cobra specialists, Python Vehicles Australia. And you can win it! Just visit for all the details you’ll need to be in the running. 

Sidchrome -cobra -part -4Python have been building Cobras since 1979 and now have over 100 cars to their credit. Each vehicle is tailored to the needs and desires of each owner and in this case, Sidchrome plumped for the Ford’s 5.0-litre Coyote V8, as found in brand-new Mustangs. This is the first time Python have fitted a Coyote mill to one of their cars and as we’ll see in this episode, that creates a few issues for the boys to overcome. 

Sidchrome -cobra -engineWe’ll also check out the gorgeous exhaust system that Python’s Joe Imperatori has fabricated for the car. Not only will the lucky winner get a full street exhaust, they’ll also get a classic side-pipe system to run at race events and the like.

Sidchrome -cobra -exhaustsAnd while the Coyote motor keeps the project firmly within the Ford-in-a-Ford philosophy, we reveal in this episode that there is in fact one Holden part involved. Don’t tell anyone! It has been a fascinating journey so far and we’ll be back with more next month, as Joe and George complete the trial-fitment of everything the Cobra will need to be a street-registered fun machine.

Sidchrome -cobra -part -4-2

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