Street Machine Father’s Day 2022 gift guide

Stuck for ideas on what to get your revhead dad for Father’s Day? Here are a stack of goodies, all for under $100


If you have just started thinking about what to get dad for Father’s Day, congrats! We usually leave it until 12 hours before and get him a slab from Dan’s.

But if you really want to get something that will make dad smile every time he walks in the shed, please consider this list of gift ideas and get clicking.

Street Machine Features Street Machine Beanie

If you ask us, the best bang for buck gift you can get dad for his special day is a subscription to the bible. Right now we’re running a Father’s Day special, with plans available for three, six and 12 month packages with savings of up to 38 percent over the retail price. Oh, and you’ll also get a free beanie for Dad with any package to keep his noggin nice and warm!

Street Machine Features Milwaukee Tool Set

Most car-mad dads will already have a 1/2in drive socket set in their shed, but not everyone has a quality 3/8th drive set – and boy, they can be handy in a tight spot or double as a small emergency tool kit when you’re out and about.

Street Machine Features Hot Rod Garage

Most old fellas love decorating their man cave with sweet automotive ephemera, and there’s a whole bunch to choose from on Hard to Find.

We dig this ‘Hot Rod Garage’ sign, but there’s plenty to choose from to suit just about any dad.

Street Machine Features Lego Charger

If it is too cold for dad to be getting out in the shed every night, a neat way to keep tinkering on cars from the nice warm lounge room is with a cool Lego set.

The one we’ve chosen is Dominic Toretto’s blown 1969 Dodge Charger from the Fast & Furious franchise, because even if you think the movies aren’t much chop, you can’t deny that Charger is just damn cool.

Street Machine Features Ryobi Inflator

The Ryobi digital pressure inflator is arguably one of our most used tools in the Carnage workshop, because it’s literally as big and light as a drill but can pump car tyres, bikes tyres and just about anything else. They are way more practical than a 12V compressor and once you’ve tried one, you’ll never go back.

Street Machine Features Ryobi Vaccuum 2

Just like the air compressor above, Ryobi have found a way to condense what’s normally a big, plug-in tool into a super simple and portable battery powered deal with this hand vacuum. It will make detailing the interior of dad’s car a joy.

Street Machine Features Milwaukee Tools

A hook and pick set may not look sexy, but they are the tool with 1001 uses that dad may not have known that he needed! Picks and hooks can be used for general workshop and automotive maintenance use, for tasks such as scribing, aligning, removing O-rings, cleaning out grooves or crevices, retrieving and positioning wires, removing delicate interior trim pieces and much more.

Street Machine Features Milwaukee Head Lamp

Whether he is upside down under a dashboard, trying to load a car trailer in the dark or planning a camping trip, this Milwaukee headlamp will make the job so much easier.

With five different brightness settings and up to 25 hours of battery life, it’s one of those small things that’ll make all the difference when the old fella needs it.

Street Machine Features Mechanics Creeper

If your dad is still rolling around on the concrete shed floor without the aid of a creeper, do him a favour and check out the range at Hare and Forbes. It’ll make getting in and out from under the beast a hell of a lot easier, and save his back because dad wants to spend money on car parts, not with the chiropractor.

Street Machine Features Stool

A seat in a shed is probably one of the handiest and underrated pieces of workshop kit you can have, and a roller one is even better. This one from Hare & Forbes is height adjustable and also features a full tray on the base to store tools, bolts and anything else you need while you’re working away.

Street Machine Features Haltech Cap

Get dad some fresh new gear with Haltech’s latest range of merch, which includes this awesome snap-back cap.

They’ve also got hoodies, shirts, sunnies and just about anything else you can think of.

Street Machine Features Rod Shop Beanie

The blokes at Castlemaine Rod Shop have a great range of awesome merch, and as part of their winter range they’ve just added a new stack of beanies to choose from.

While you’re there you can also bundle it together with a hoodie or shirt for Dad and save some cash, and we won’t judge you if you sneak some in there for yourself while you’re at it.

Rod Shop’s REAL DEAL t-shirt

And if your old man is a Torana fanatic, he’ll love the Rod Shop’s REAL DEAL tee:

Street Machine Features Engine Dolly

If dad is planning on doing some engine work then he’d love this ProFlow engine dolly. This one is designed for Chev V8s and makes working on them a breeze. The best bit is that when he’s done, it packs away for easy storage so there’s more room for go-fast bits in the shed.

Street Machine Features Car Ramps

If dad’s a cool kid and got himself a nice low machine, we can pretty well guarantee it’s a nightmare exercise everytime he tries to get a jack underneath the thing. The solution to that is these ProFlow low profile car ramps, offering a painless way to get a bit more clearance underneath the car for either basic work or to sneak a jack in.

Street Machine Features Mopar Mat

The last thing dad wants to do is scratch up the front guards of his pride and joy while working under the bonnet, so the perfect way to avoid that is with a pair of fender grippers from VPW Australia. The one we’ve chosen here is a Mopar one, but you can get them for Ford, Chevy, Mustang, Falcon GT and a whole heap of other cool designs.

Street Machine Features Big Guns Banner

If Dad loves his HSVs then you could do worse than grab this saucy HSV garage banner from the blokes at Muscle Garage.

Perfect for the garage or the pool room, it’s got all the favourite early HSV heroes featured.

Street Machine Features Speedpro Hoodie

Our friends at SpeedPro are killing it with their latest range of merch, and we reckon dad would love one of their shirts or hoodies. Printed on top-notch AS colour shirts, they’re super high quality – and that also means the hoodies are extra warm. Sizes range from adult S to 3XL.

Street Machine Features Turbosmart Hats 2

While it might not seem like it, summer is right around the corner and the last thing you want is dad getting a sunburnt noggin. TurboSmart’s range of hats will help prevent any beetroot head incidents for dad, and on top of that they look freakin’ sweet.

Street Machine Features Bottle Openers

Make it easy to crack a cold one with dad this Father’s Day with this VCM camshaft bottle opener – because we guarantee he’s already lost the one you got him last year.

Street Machine Features United Cap

Dad will love this complete merch pack from the champions at United Speed Shop, which includes a swanky snap back cap, stubby cooler and a neat sticker for the bar fridge.

Street Machine Features 102261480 10156960834730997 7815561643138619444 N 540 X

Help dad keep his happy place nice and clean with these multi purpose shop towels. Good to use as rags or for cleaning up spills and any other car related messes, each box comes with a whopping 200 towels – so it’ll be a while before you’ll need to buy him another batch.

Street Machine Features Jump Starter

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a flat battery, so make sure dad always has some insurance against that with this TAG Portable jump starter. Perfect for taking away on long trips, to the race track or keeping in the shed.