THE Defector 1969 Dodge Charger is a lot tamer than most Ring Brothers builds, but we dug it! At a quick glance the car looks kinda factory, but as you get closer you notice first that the rims aren’t stockies – they’re custom-made 19in HRE numbers – with trick removable hubcaps.

Factory-esque paint, a vinyl roof and a splash of woodgrain in the interior help maintain the illusion, but pop the bonnet and you’ll find a 6.4-litre late model Hemi. Underneath is DSE chassis gear with RideTech shocks and six-piston Baer stoppers all ‘round.

The rear sheetmetal has been shortened through the boot area and the front wheels have been moved forward, increasing the wheelbase by three-inches –which meant extending the sill panels and quarter panels. Inside are a pair of cut down Toyota Camry seats, cut down and trimmed to look like similar to factory buckets.

Why Defector? Because the owner - Silent D - is taking the car back home to England! 

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