ford xe falcon

Rick Welch came across his '82 XE Falcon GL from a facebook post and then decided to give it a bit of a freshen-up

This article on Rick's XE Falcon was originally published in the May 2017 issue of Street Machine

“THIS is my ’82 XE Falcon, a GL with every S-Pack option. I came across it 12 months ago when a mate in western Queensland posted a pic of it on a buy, swap and sell page on Facebook.

Ford Falcon XE rearI shared his post around and no one wanted it, so it got the better of me and I decided to buy it and do something with it. It was a very straight and clean car to start with; it had some rust in the usual places that I cut out and replaced. Then it was off for a respray.

Ford Falcon XE engine bayI had it lowered, as it had the big country pack springs; gave the 4.1 a full service; added some fresh redwalls and those seats, which I found on Gumtree.

Ford Falcon XE interior frontIt’s an awesome car to drive, as unlike my HQ it’s got a/c and power steering.

Ford XE Falcon interior rearBig thanks to Excel Panel & Paint, Toowoomba Steering & Suspension, Evan’s Trim Shop, Garden City Tyre & Mechanical and Gilroy’s Automatics.”

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