In part one of our Mopar Monday readers' cars gallery, we showed you just a touch of the variety of awesome cars we received from our Facebook page. Check out more amazing rides - and works in progress - here from our readers in part two of our Mopar Monday feature.

Some of our readers' rides and what they had to say: 

12Mike Roycroft: My pride and joy. It's my project, been sitting for a few years, $$$ are tight

15Iain Kelly: My '68 Road Runner

16Syhe Robertshaw: '62 S model with the 225 slant. Well it's not in it, in this photo!

Mopar -59-chargerDaniel Llewellyn: My 2-barrel R/T

Mopar -60-slant

Mopar -61-engineTim Van Der Laan: My twin-carb Slant AP5

More readers' cars:

17Andrew Clark

18Ben Mopar

18-2Malcolm McIntosh

Mopar -39-chrylser -srtJesse J Vigil's 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T AWD


18-3-bRyan James Haddon's sleeper!

23Kirstin O'Brien: Hubby's '73 Challenger

23-2Zachary Todd: My VE

Mopar -24Cameron Grady: My '70 Cuda

Mopar -28-valiantJodi van der Linden: My VE, just gifted to me last Friday

13Danny Schonrock's '68 VE Slant 6

Mopar -58-veMichael McMullen's '68 VE VIP

20Peter Clifford

2-24Peter Masstaden

Mopar -25Todd Swinscoe

Mopar -27-lee -baxterLee Baxter

Matthew -ward -moparMatthew Ward

Mopar -29-valiant -james -tolJames Tol

Mopar -31-valiant -ben -walkerBen Walker

Mopar -37-ben -walkerBen Walker

Mopar -32-chargerSimon Trewella

Mopar -33-valiant -uteBrett Leigh

Mopar -34-valiant -utePaul Hunter

Mopar -30-valiant -paul -hunterPaul Hunter

Mopar -35-chrysler -uteJarrod Vickers

MOpar -36Ren Higham

Mopar -38-dodge -ramSky Riley King

Mopar -40Todd Mcintosh

Mopar -41Belinda & Justin Bialas

Mopar 42Tom Edward Nolan

Mopar -43-white -valiantPeter Lyons

Mopar -44-green -valiantJake Lewis

Mopar -45-sean -mckay

Mopar -45-engine -sean -mckaySean McKay

Mopar -46-green -valiantBrad Sayer

Mopar -46-blue -valiantJeremy Fox 

Mopar -47Doug Bailey

Mopar -green -dodgeNathan Berry

Mopar -48-andre -marriAndre Mari

Mopar -49-silver -chargerGustavo Gabriel Antunez

Mopar -50-dodgeDennis Koch

Mopar 51-rusty -valiants

Mopar -52-valiantWilliam Paynter

Mopar -52-black -dodge -srtZhyar Aram

Mopar -53-blue -valiantSteven Wilson

Mopar 54-chryslerLeigh Davidson

Mopar -55-green -valiantMatt Creer

Mopar -56-challengerAlex Atkinson: Old boy's Challenger

Mopar -56-by -3Rob Anderson

Mopar -57-yellow -dodgeAshley Knight

Mopar -62-white -valiantWayne Drust

Mopar -63-rust -valiantShane O'sullivan

Mopar -chryslerKiran R Krishnan

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