Sitting tough on Simmons rims and with 1000hp worth of boosted hellfire under its bonnet, this VL Walkinshaw is no shrinking violet

This article was originally published in the October 2015 issue of Street Machine

THE VL Walkinshaw was outrageous from the moment it was unveiled in 1988, but Shane Ross’s 1000hp example is particularly out there. Yes, this tubbed, LS-powered monster is a genuine VL SS Group A SV, built to an elite level as a genuine street car in just 10 short weeks.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -side -viewShane is no stranger to tough cars, with a bad-arse blown HDT Brocky in the shed, also built up from a genuine HDT muscle car. But MON5TR is on another level again, as it’s making 1060hp at the wheels at just 18psi boost. And it’s rocking 22x12 Simmons rims and a power-sapping ’Glide.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -rear -angleSuch a stout power figure is thanks to 402 cubic inches of LS V8, inflated by a single, massive 94mm turbocharger, and built by brothers Kent and Dallas Dalton and the Hi-Torque Performance team on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The HTP lads are some of Australia’s top LS horsepower gurus, and they immediately knew how to make this VL sing.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -front -view“Hi-Torque’s brief was to build a tough streeter in 10 weeks using a genuine Walky,” Kent explains. “We decided it’s going to need to be the big brother of Troy Swift’s famous OVK253. So, first things first, we need to make 1000rwhp all day on fuel that can be put in from a servo.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -bonnet -detail“One of the biggest challenges of this build was to have it make over 1000rwhp in the exact form you see it; no tyre changing, no boost changes or fuel changes. So we knew it needed an HTP cast-iron engine package with a good turbo and, of course, a ’Glide and nine-inch diff to allow it to handle the beating.”

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -engine -bayThe engine’s foundation is a six-litre iron block from a GM truck, with an LY6-coded unit chosen. Dallas and Kent then specced up a killer rotating assembly using a Callies DragonSlayer crank, CP pistons and Oliver conrods. They have been joined in the short motor by a custom solid-roller cam that combines street manners with the ability to breathe deeply.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -engine -turboThe Hi-Torque boys didn’t mess about when looking for a set of big heads to go on their combo; Kent and Dallas went straight to Nathan Higgins for a set of his new 420cfm CID units. The big power-adder in the combo is the 94mm Gen 2 Pro Mod turbocharger by Precision, blowing charge air through a Plazmaman front-mount intercooler and into a sexy LS7-style sheet-metal intake manifold by Shaun’s Custom Alloy.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -rear -wheel -2The 10-week build window caused headaches, as MON5TR had to be a street car, which meant it needed to be easy to work on and service.

“It really was the perfect genuine VL to start with, and it arrived from Obsession Paint & Panel and D-Street Designs with a set of tubs and massive FR22 Simmons wheels fitted all ’round,” Kent explains.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -rear -wing“The boys worked night in, night out getting the combo to all work perfectly so that no wiring was seen, the huge turbo fitted neatly and everything could come apart if needed without causing scratches and marks. Once Dallas, Ash, Stevie and Joel were happy with where everything was placed, we sent the car off to TAS Performance to fab the exhaust manifolds while we assembled the engine and filled a room full of goodies ready for the final assembly.”

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -underExhaust gases are passed down a five-inch dump pipe and four-inch exhaust, past the ProTrans-built Powerglide, and over the nine-inch diff fitted with 40-spline axles swinging off the coilover-equipped four-link tubbed rear-end by D-Street Designs.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -front -side -2“Once the exhaust manifolds were all finished we sent the vehicle over for panel work in the ’bay and then up to Troy Swift to paint it and blend it all together in the stock Panorama Silver,” Kent says. Troy is actually part of the Hi-Torque family, carrying the keys to the aforementioned OVK253 VK Commodore, which is also powered by a mental cast-iron turbocharged 400-cube LS.

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -boot“As soon as paint was done – and I don’t mean dry – we headed back to the shop ready to assemble,” Kent says. “We put the engine and gearbox in, the turbo kit on, wired the complete car front to back but all hidden so there is nothing to be seen, plumbed the fuel system to handle the job and tuned it up. It sounds easy, right?”

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -interiorHi-Torque’s Ash Mason wired up the Motec ECU and CDI ignition system, with eight Mercury coils providing spark and 16 2400cc injectors squirting E85. The boys fired it up a few days before roll-out time for MotorEx, and MON5TR made 1060hp at the wheels on what Kent regards as low boost!

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -shifter“The car has plenty more power yet to come, but it is on the streets for now being enjoyed. The goal was to build the ultimate street car with wow factor no matter where you stand. You can walk away from this car and come back 10 times finding something new.”

HSV-VL-Walkinshaw -bonnet

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