THE cover car for the current issue of Street Machine is Lou Ackovski’s chopped and slammed HQ Holden, dubbed TOXIC Q.

With its outrageous stance, massive body work and super-smooth finish, the car looks like the product of a high-end workshop, but was actually built in Lou’s humble two-car garage.

Not that Lou is an amateur by any means, having been an award-winning chopper builder in the past and now a fabricator at CAD Customs in Melbourne. Let’s have a look at how the car came together.

Click each image to open a higher resolution version in a new tab.

The HQ began life as a run-down stocker. Lou removed the vinyl roof, cut out the floor and sat the body over the massive 20in rims to establish the car’s stance. This, of course, is the fun part!

Massive tubs, four-link rear suspension and a custom parcel tray were needed to accommodate the huge rear tyres

With the car braced, Lou removed the HQ’s roof, removing 2.5in of height at the front and 1.75in at the back

This shot gives you an idea of the basic workspace at Lou’s disposal, with a lathe being the only serious piece of equipment

Lowering the lid meant extra metal had to be added to the roof in strips. Hard to believe, but this was Lou’s first roof chop

The bonnet scoop is all-steel and took two goes to get right – Lou was extra-cautious about making it too bulky

The dash is another all-metal masterpiece cooked up by Lou. The trans tunnel and floor were raised in order to clear the tailshaft when the airbag suspension is at full droop

The finished interior is spectacular, with trim by Emmanuel Bazzano from The Trim Shop

Power is provided by a 468ci Chev big-block, managed by a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU

What a stance! We can’t wait to see TOXIC Q on the road. For the full story, check out the October issue of SM


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