FOR most of us, a killer car needs a killer stereo. But Sydney hip hop group Bliss n Eso had slightly different requirements. They needed their car to be a stereo.

And not just any old boom-box either. Nope, being professionals, Bliss n Eso needed a full pro DJ console, speakers, lights and multimedia displays, and it even had to have its own standalone power supply.

See, the idea was that the group could drive on stage, fire up the decks and crank out the grooves for a full-length live show – all without the DJ leaving the vehicle

Brothers Speed Shop in Brisbane was charged with the job of turning this dream into reality. MC Bliss, MC Eso and DJ Izm specified that it had to be a Kombi and it had to be green. Everything else was fair game.

If there’s a more highly modified VW Kombi in the world, we’re yet to meet it. You can check out the Kombi in detail inside Street Machine September issue on sale August 14th.

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