Street Machine Files - Lindsay Gunston's blown HQ

IF you’re going to build a street freak then you should build a real street freak. No candy-arsing around man, if you want to shock the plebs on the main street then go for it. Push the boundaries, take it to the limit.

Cathy and Lindsay Gunston, a husband and wife team, from Clayton North, Victoria, devoted two years and a fair amount of rupees in constructing their bad and blown HQ one-tonner. When they go cruisin’ in this performance pick-up, the shrill whine from the huffer and a rumble from Christ-knows-how-many-horses sends people running for cover.

Members of the Victorian Hot Rod Association, the Victorian Street Machine Association and the Southern Street Machines (Lindsay being the head-honcho), these two are 100 per-cent street machiners.

The heart of the Gunston truck is a 1965 vintage small block with a 30 thou overbore. The huffer and its related hardware is basically Weiand. The modified Mallory twin-point distributer helps fire the boost reaching approximately 15psi. Helping the car breathe fire is the 2-inch exhaust system with chromed heads and turbo mufflers.

Backing the high-horsepower small block is a beefed Turbo-Hydro 400 transmission. To help get the power to the ground only the strongest diff is used, a Ford 9-inch rear end. Made for a bit of competition, wheelie bars and a Simpson drag ‘chute are implemented.

Now providing you aren’t reading this make in a dark closet (where you keep your Penthouse and Playboys, nudge, nudge) you can plainly see this vehicle resembles a HQ truck. If you can see that proceed - if you can’t then go back in the closet where you belong.

The Gunstons decided upon a Statesman front panel for the tilt front along with a Statesman bumper. The body was painted Midnight Black and the chassis was also painted in a black, accented by red under the floor and on the firewall. The pick-up bed was built by Lindsay and Cathy and would make a cabinet maker proud.Since the bed weighs what feels like a tonne, a hydraulic lift was installed to help the lifting.

Lindsay and Cathy have won stacks of trophies for their two years of effort and there is no doubt they deserve every last accolade. But they are quick to point out that without the help of two close friends, Shane Cable and Kevin Wells, the truck may not be what it is today.

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