PAUL Bennet is one of the greats of our sport and this month we feature his great creation yet – a 1958 Borgward Goliath station wagon. The Goliath was a German built car imported into Oz by Kenneth Wright and was powered by a tiny, air-cooled flat-four driving the front wheels.

Paul and Street Machine's Glenn Torrens cut the floor out of the Goliath a decade ago and Paul debuted the radically-modified product at this year's MotorEx.

The new driveline consists of a Toyota hemi-style V8, a Supra five-speed and sheetmetal nine-inch diff, but the real story is the amazing detail and beauty to be found inside, outside and underneath both the Goliath and its bespoke trailer.

And while the car dominated the street machine awards at MotorEx, the kicker is that the Goliath is a totally street legal car, one which Paul plans on using for a whole bunch of open road touring.

Check out the latest mag for all the details!

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