WHENEVER someone runs a list of the worst-ever cars, the FSM Niki usually makes it. Built in Poland and sold in Australia in the early 90s, it featured a 650cc, two-cylinder air cooled engine, which made just 17.7kW.

The Niki’s major selling point was its cheap price, which was reflected in its standard equipment, which included drum brakes all ‘round, flipper quarter windows, and a non-synchro four-speed gearbox. No radio, no air conditioning and not even a ciggie lighter!

Few sold, but at least one has survived and gone on to better things, thanks to Sydney’s Banks family. The boys have completely re-jigged their Niki for drag strip action, complete with an EFI Holden V8, big rubber and a full roll cage. And soon it will cop twin turbos!

For the full story, check out the June issue of Street Machine.

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