FIRST unveiled at the Melbourne Motor Show in 1969, Holden's Hurricane - code named RD 001 - was a staggering piece of work by Holden's then-new Research and Development group.

Built primarily to showcase the upcoming 253 Holden V8, the Hurricane featured cutting-edge styling, a supercar-style mid-engine layout and showcased a host of innovative technologies. These included the Pathfinder on-board navigation system, Comfortron climate-control air conditioning and closed circuit television rear vision screen.

All this at a time when most Holdens were still sold with bench seats and drum brakes! After its initial flurry of publicity, the Hurricane was largely neglected and in some cases abused for the next 40 years, until it was decided to treat the car to loving restoration.The finished product was unveiled today at Holden's Melbourne HQ and we can report that the car is stunning in the flesh, with a wild metal flake paint job and an enthusiast's eye for detail.

You can check the beast out in the new issue of Wheels and read about the resto itself in the December issue of Street Machine.

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