Clash of the titans

THE current issue ofStreet Machinehas a great story on Romano Puntin’s lovingly re-created replica of the Hines & Parry She’s Ace FX Holden, one of the stars of CMP wars in the early days of Adelaide International Raceway.

Now the FX is set to meet another replica Peter Hines car, the Wynns Munster, which is owned by Gary Shipp from West Oz. The two will go head to head at the wonderful Steel City Dragway, in Whyalla, South Australia this Saturday!

The two replicas will be joined by another record-setting humpy dubbed the Turtle, a genuine survivor of those days. Originally raced by Max Bowman and later David Warden, it has been brought back to life by Chris Minerds. Wanna see it happen?

Check out the dragway

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