The Ultimate Top 10 Street Machines

To celebrateStreet Machine’s 30th Anniversary, we wanted to find out what readers thought were the very best cars from the mag’s history.

The staff came up with a list of 60 finalists, then let the readers loose, with each fan getting to vote for three of their favourite cars. The results were tight, but definitive, with Adam Le Brese’s EH Holden taking out the top spot, followed by Holden’s EFIJY concept car.

The Top 10 is an interesting list, dominated with cars from the past decade, although Howard Bell’s LITRE8 waved the flag for older builds. And while the first three places went to the General, Gary Myers did Ford fans proud by getting both his GM176 and Silver Bullet Mustangs into the Top 10.

The Top 20 was littered with 80s and 90s classics, including Ron Barclay’s HQ ute, Colin Townsend’s FJ, Howard Astill’s Rock II Falcon GT, Rex Webster’s FJ, with Greg Mercer’s Invader 2001 van the oldest build on the list. It was also neat to see two girl’s cars in the Top 20, with Cassie Rhodes’s Charger and Angela Dow’s Torana both attracting strong support.

You can check out the full list in theStreet Machine & Van Wheels anniversary mag strapped to the back of the August issue.

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