IT was a brutal final day on the burnout pad at Exhibition Park. Matt James from WA has become the first driver to ever score both first and second place at the Street Machine Summernats Burnout Masters, while Phil Kerjean put on a great show to take out the Burnout Championship.

Matt James's first place was awarded for his performance in his UNWANTED Commodore ute and he nailed second spot in his show-quality Compact Fairlane. You can check out our full feature story on the car here.

Phil Kerjean had a busy time in the lead up to Summernats, helping to screw together Farmtruck and AZN's Skidtruck at the Canberra Institute of Technology. At the Nats, he put on a stunning performance in the eliminations to book his spot in the finals and he sealed the deal in style in the finals in style. 

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