THE People’s Choice award at Street Machine Summernats is a highly sought-after prize for car builders. Not only does it reflect the will of the people, but it plays a vital role in determining who will win the Grand Champion sword. Winning or performing strongly in People’s Choice gives a car a real leg-up! And because People’s Choice is all about what the public think is cool, the list is pretty much a stone-cold array of pure awesome. Who will win at Street Machine Summernats 31? Stay tuned right here. 

People's Choice Winners

1          Greg Carlson

2          Howard Astill

3          Ron Barclay

4          Leo Janssen

5          Bill Neskovski

6          Con & Vic Elfes

7          Craig Christensen

8          Brian Willis

9          Peter Fitzpatrick

10        Ron Zelukovic

11        Ed Brodie

12        Troy Hillier

13        Mark Jones

14        Peter Fitzpatrick

15        Drago Ostric

16        Ben Gatt

17        Anthony Sant

18        Gary Myers

19        Aaron Fitzpatrick

20        Joe Agnello

21        Joe Lore

22        Joe Lore

23        Graeme Cowin

24        Peter Fitzpatrick

25        Ben Sargent

26        Mick Fabar

27        Terry Mourched

28        Nathan Borg

29        Grant Connor

30        Simon Mokdassi

31        Dave Xuereb

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