It’s official! Australian street machiners and Summernats have celebrated the start of Summernats 28 by besting their own world record for the most cars doing a burnout at the same time. What a sensational way to start 2015! 

The previous record was 68 cars, set at Summernats two years ago, but with plenty of extra space on the Summernats Liqui-Moly burnout pad, they packed in as many of Australia’s toughest streeters as possible. It took nearly two hours for the expert burnout crew to carefully position the 107 cars, crocodile-tooth style, on Australia’s hottest stretch of bitumen, but after a drivers’ safety briefing it took just 30 seconds of tyre frying fury for history to be made.

There was a packed grandstand to witness all the action, and official Guinness Book of World Records’ adjudicator Chris Sheedy, gladly gave the attempt the thumbs-up. Officially there were 107 cars in attendance, and 103 were judged to be ripping the treads to shreds at the same time. Which makes it a new world record.

There’s plenty more Summernats action to come with the Liqui Moly burnout qualifying kicking off tomorrow, along with the Shannon’s City Cruise and Aussie Hip Hop Bliss ’n’ Eso hitting the main stage. Don’t miss it.

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