SATURDAY at Street Machine Summernats is the moment of truth for those who put their car on the line in the Elite, Street and Tuff Street Judging.

This year’s Top 10 Elite judging was some of the toughest in recent years, but Bob Gallo was able to make history by placing three cars in the top ten, including his revamp of Adam Le Brese’s famous Falcon coupe. Top Judged Elite went to John Saad’s stunning Mazda RX3.

Out on the oval, Allan El-Bayeh took out Top Judged Street for the second year running in his gorgeous LC Torana, while Tuff Street was won by Mark Siracusa and Mark Cowan's wild green Torana sedan.

Another record was broken in the Horsepower Heroes dyno competition, with Jake Edward crashing through the 2000 rear-wheel horsepower figure in his famous Torana.

Burnout Masters qualifying was brutal, and will see early favourite Andrew Lynch up against the likes of Justen Brown and Fred Watson in the finals today.

The day wrapped up with the Supercruise, fireworks and Illy on the main stage.

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