JAKE Edwards is the first person to break the 2000 rear-wheel horsepower figure in Street Machine Summernats history, smashing out 2083.9hp in qualifying on Saturday morning.

The Canberra local had come back to the dyno cell to make his qualifying run after a dud rotor scuppered his chances on Friday. The famous yellow LH Torana is sporting a fresh 439-cube Chevy big block and 114mm GCG turbo combo after Jake destroyed the last engine at Summernats 27.

"I’m relieved; very, very relieved and I’ve got the shakes," said the Jake’s Performance proprietor immediately after the record-busting run. "It’s made 1943hp on my dyno, but never showed more than 2000hp. I’ve turned the boost up since then."

"It normally makes maximum power at 8500rpm but the operator got off it at 7800rpm so, if everything holds together, we should see more power in the finals tomorrow."

Word is, Jake also has plans to knock up a street engine for the LH, so it can compete in this year’s Drag Challenge.

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