JULY 2016

GRANT Connor never set out to build a show-stopper; he just wanted a 393 Clevo XR Falcon on 20in rims. But rolled guards became tubs, which became a respray, which became a re-trim, and suddenly Grant’s scored the coveted People’s Choice at Summernats 29.

Dez Knight from Knight’s Garage picks up the story: “We aimed to keep things simple, but before long, Grant kept coming back in with more and more ideas!”

This meant a few things changed along the way. For example, Grant wanted 20s, but he actually really wanted monster-sized 22s for the back end. Dez facilitated, re-radiusing the front and rear guards, as well as moving the already-installed triangulated rear end forward.

More metal sculpting went on under the bonnet and inside the cockpit, which features a smoothed dash structure; even the glovebox lid was modified and meticulously gapped to the perfect standard of the exterior panels.

Matt Gilkes from Inside Rides stitched up the interior and created the fibreglass door trims, kick panels, boot panelling and one-piece hoodlining. Astutely, he measured up six-foot-five Grant before attacking the notoriously high BA Falcon buckets to suit.

Knight’s Garage also had a hand in the interior, fabricating a full-length metal console and rear parcel tray, along with the inserts found in the console, seats and bootlid, all hewn from aircraft-grade aluminium.

Because the XR sported an excellent body to begin with, only around 170 hours were spent on filler and sanding work before Andrew Ash of AA Panel Craft applied the incredible, lustrous duco. Creating a custom mix of HOK Apple Red, Pagan Gold and Root Beer Kandy over a black base, the result gives ‘Bad Apple’ its incredible pop-factor.

Of course, insane duco, beautiful interior and humongous wheels do not a streeter make; up front is a 393 Cleveland stroker filled with Scat bits, a pair of AFD 2V alloy heads and a big Holley 750cfm double-pumper carburettor, ensuring Bad Apple has the go to match the show.


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