FPV ute

ONE of the later-model cars to front at Street Machine Drag Challenge for 2017, Steve Evans’s 2008 BF FPV ute packs a built 5.4L Ford GT supercar engine, aided and abetted by a T51R turbocharger to the tune of 750rwhp.

Surprisingly enough, aside from modifying the block to accept a wet sump and an Aussie-spec water pump, the GT engine was largely compatible with the ancillaries fitted to 5.4-litre Boss motors found in our BA-BF XR8 and V8 FPV vehicles.

Steve hauled the ute all the way down from Far North Queensland for Drag Challenge, and while it’s gone mid-10s in the past, current form has it in the 11.8-second vicinity.

“It’s my first Drag Challenge,” said Steve. “I was over in the US for Drag Week 2015, and I thought to myself then and there that I’m going to do one of these. America is probably out of the question, but Australia definitely.”

The ute split a radiator on Day One, but after a few phone calls Steve managed to locate a replacement locally and get it fitted up in a timely fashion.

He’s in the process of finishing a Fox-body Mustang, to which he’ll eventually fit the ute’s turbocharged V8. If all goes according to plan he’ll be front and centre with the new car at Drag Challenge 2018.

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