THIS is it, people! Street Machine Drag Challenge has kicked off for 2017 at Adelaide International Raceway! Here'the top 20 fastest cars of the day, as recorded by the track. 


1. Mark Drew, Crusty Torana: 8.262 at 169.65mph. First overall and in Haltech Radial Blown

2. Quentin Feast, Torana: 8.282 at 169.61mph. Second overall and in Haltech Radial Blown

3. Jarrod Wood, : 8.292 at 174mph. Third overall, first in Turbosmart Outlaw Blown

4. Adam Rogash, VK Commodore: 8.409 at 175.57mph. Fourth overall and third in Haltech Radial Blown

5. Harry Haig, HQ Holden, 8.437 at 173.71mph

6. Josh Lopreiato, VZ Clubsport: 8.580 at 157.09mph

7. Luke Foley, VH Commodore: 8.652 at 159.46mph

8. George Hatzi, Ford Cortina: 8.69 at 160.19mph 

9. Bubba Medlyn, VH Commodore: 8.840 at 166.69mph. Second in Turbosmart Outlaw Blown

10. Jason Ghiller, XD Falcon: 8.973 at 148.29mph

11.Lorenzo Gullotto, VL Commodore: 9.080 at 149.82mph

12. Rodney Browitt, HQ ute: 9.238 at 148.22mph. Third in Turbosmart Outlaw Blown

13.Brendan Cherry, HK Monaro: 9.255 at 143.67mph

14. Mark Clifford, Ford Mustang, 9.265 at 143.67mph. First in Tuff Mounts Outlaw Aspirated

15. Phil Edmonston, XB Falcon, 9.292 at 155.52mph

16. Alon Vella, Ford Capri: 9.296 at 149.75mph. First in Pacemaker Radial Aspirated

17. Steven Micallef, One Tonner: 9.304 at 147.73mph. Second in Tuff Mounts Outlaw Aspirated

18. Zoran Makarovski, XB Falcon: 9.311 at 146.15mph

19. Matt Lampard, HZ Kingswood: 9.423 at 143.95mph

20. Stephen Molson, HZ ute: 9.484 at 127.29mph

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