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JUST finishing Street Machine Drag Challenge in any kind of fast car is an achievement, and taking home any of the awards on offer is impressive. To win the whole thing, you need a lot of things to go right. Therefore, we present to you the complete list of Drag Challenge award winners from the event’s beginning in 2014. 


In 2016, Drag Challenge started and finished at Calder Park, with Mildura, the brand-new Swan Hill track and Heathcote Park in the middle. We had over 100 cars front on the first day, with the standard at the pointy end of the field higher than ever. Bubba Medlyn set the pace from the go and held his lead right through the event, despite the challenge presented by Jarrod Wood’s brutal HQ One Tonner.

Drag Challenge 2016
Outright Winner: Bubba Medlyn

Radial Blown Winner: Adam Rogash

Radial Blown Runner Up: Mark Drew

Radial Aspirated Winner: Alon Vella

Radial Aspirated Runner Up: Nathan Ghosn

Outlaw Blown Winner: Bubba Medlyn

Outlaw Blown Runner Up: Jarrod Wood

Outlaw Aspirated Winner: Stephen Micallef

Outlaw Aspirated Runner Up: Jon Mitchell

DYO Winner: Benny Phillips

DYO Runner Up: Alisha Teale

Quickest ET: Jarrod Wood

Fastest MPH: Jarrod Wood

Spirit of Drag Challenge: Harry Haig

Hard Luck Award: Scott Levy

Longest Distance Travelled: Blake Jefferies

Longest Distance Driven: Josh Grant

Quickest Holden: Bubba Medlyn

Quickest Ford: Jason Ghiller

Quickest Chev: Jarrod Wood

Quickest Mopar: Jon Mitchell

Quickest Six: Jason Ghiller

Quickest Four: Ben Kadel

Quickest Stick Shift: Kim Smith

Quickest Without a Trailer: Todd Foley


The second Drag Challenge event was our first true five-day event, starting at Calder Park, followed by Portland, Mildura, Heathcote and back to Calder. That meant a total of 1400km of car-torturing travel for our 50 entrants! Reigning champion Quentin Feast grabbed his second win on the trot, managing to hold off Terry Seng’s VC Commodore as the pair exchanged pass after pass on the final day.

Drag Challenge 2015
Outright Winner: Quentin Feast

Radial Blown Winner: Quentin Feast

Radial Blown Runner Up: Terry Seng

Radial Aspirated Winner: Alon Vella

Radial Aspirated Runner Up: Tristan Triccas

Outlaw Blown Winner: Adam Rogash

Outlaw Blown Runner Up: Harry Haig

Outlaw Aspirated: Mark Clifford

Outlaw Aspirated Runner Up: Adam Lynch

DYO Winner: Alysha Teale

Drag Challenge Shootout Winner: Bubba Medlyn

Dial Your Own Shootout winner: Carl Taylor

Quickest ET: Terry Seng

Spirit of Drag Challenge Award: Brett Matthew

Hard Luck Award: Louis Younis

Longest Distance Travelled: Brad Pettitt

Longest Distance Driven: Brenton Miller

Quickest Holden: Bubba Medlyn

Quickest Ford: Alon Vella

Quickest Chev: Terry Seng

Quickest Mopar: Steve Reimann

Quickest Six: Brad Keem

Quickest Four: Tim Bailey

Quickest Without a Trailer: Mark Clifford


THE first Drag Challenge ran from Sydney Dragway (rained out), to Albury’s Motorsport Training Australia facility (for some untimed Street Outlaws-style racing), then on to Calder Park, before finishing up at Heathcote. We had 18 entrants that year and Quentin Feast in his twin-turbo LS Torana emerged from the week as the overall winner. We ran no DYO class in the first year.

Drag Challenge 2014
Outright Winner: Quentin Feast

Radial Blown Winner: Quentin Feast

Radial Blown Runner Up: Terry Seng

Radial Aspirated Winner: Tristan Triccas

Radial Aspirated Runner Up: Carolyn Tzortzas

Outlaw Blown Winner: Mark Arblaster

Outlaw Blown Runner Up: Brendan Cherry

Outlaw Aspirated Winner: Steve Reimann

Spirit of Drag Challenge: Luke Foley

Longest Distance Travelled: Brenton Miller

Quickest GM: Quentin Feast

Quickest Ford: Tristan Triccas

Quickest Mopar: Mark Arblaster

Street Outlaws Shootout: Tristan Triccas

Quickest Without a Trailer: Luke Foley


AT each event, a red cap is awarded to those drivers who break through the seven-second barrier at Drag Challenge. So far, there are only three members of the club:

Drag Challenge 7 second club
Terry Seng, 2015: 7.86 at 186mph (bettered to 7.76 in 2017)

Adam Rogash, 2015: 7.99 at 171mph

Jarrod Wood, 2016, 7.71 at 184mph

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