Culprit Racing’s Webby is a well known face at Drag Challenge (and anywhere else there’s horsepower and good fun mixed together). So on the first day of competition, we asked him how he thought the previous day’s wild weather might affect things.

“Well, you’re going to have a track with no heat in it and cold air. The turbo cars will love the cooler air, but with no track temp, I reckon this tightens things right up. You might just find that the big power cars suddenly don’t have the big advantage they would have when there’s plenty of grip. Sure, with modern clever electronics, they can tune a bit of power out of them to compensate, but these conditions will definitely be a great equaliser.”

“And then, guess what, we move towns and it’s a different day, different track, different air. The guy that’s got the advantage today may not have it tomorrow.”

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