TONY Morphett and Luke Williams from Creative Custom Cars took the covers off this amazing FJ Holden ute at MotorEx this weekend. Still in the build and in bare metal at the moment, the brief from Tony was a car that looked old-school but drove like a new BMW. To execute that concept, fabricator Luke Williams had a custom chassis built up with a late-model BMW 5-Series front and rear suspension.

To fit the BMW gear under the old FJ, they widened the whole car and massaged the roof to ensure the ute's proportions remained intact. While the roof looks chopped, it's actually standard height - the extra width just gives the impression that it has been lowered.

Keeping with the BMW theme, Tony went for a V12 out of a Beemer and then added twin mirror image turbos from Nelson Race Engines. It's going to be a corker when it's done and the boys are hoping to have it finished by MotorEx 2017. 

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  • Thanks Tony and crew for bringing this Aussie icon to MotorEx in bare metal so we can see the amazing work required when building these high profile cars, keen to see it next year in paint!
  • I have had a great idea for you next car Morf, a brand new V10 BMW retrofitted with an old grey motor, 3speed crash box and a real "bench seat".
  • great to see the old look with a new touch. wish I had the time and money to do this to my old ute. great job so far looking forward to the final show. ONYA
  • Now that is the most amazing build i have seen. You guys are way above the rest.CONGRATULATIONS
  • Knocked my socks off this car !!! I was thinking it looked like a Viper V10 engine at first... Great idea using the BMW 5.0...